Gujarat Power Infra ,Ahmadabad(GPI) began its so journey way back in July 2011 with extremely fragile resources but had reliable support of its sister group company “Powerlite Electrical” a private company which is in business of manufacturing of Power & Distribution Transformers for more than 30 Years. Having registered itself as partnership firm, it made its humble foot prints as EPC based contractor on the map of power Infra sector by winning the award of contract of 1×7.5MVA ,66KV Single bay for catering the demand M/s Cadila Health Care, Ahmadabad, a reputed pharmaceutical company of Gujarat. Operating business of the firm from the small office and making strenuous efforts, the project was completed successfully to the entire satisfaction of client, which is till the date continues to be the model project of GPI.

Continuing the journey further GPI took up the job of retro fitting of 11KV breakers for plant of GMDC at Akrimota and completed the same successfully. By this time ,the firm was moving steadily to-wards its goal and succeeded in winning the prestigious project of Mother Dairy, Gandhinagar for 2X15 MVA Transformer with Single line bay and 2Nos of Transformers on EPC Basis in September-2012 and completed the same in March-2013 and made its name in power Sector Infra and since then never looked back.

In its journey till the date, Gujarat Power Infra has successfully completed Numerous of projects for various industries having wide spectrum ranging from Food Industry to Pharmaceutical 0Industry to Rolling Steel Industries to Ceramic Industry in locations as far as Morabi.

At Morabi, GPI has completed the 66KV s/s project in record time of 78 Days on EPC basis.
As of now, GPI has spread its wings in providing substation O&M services and entire solar plant O&M to the private companies since April-2013 and making all out efforts to expand our base in O&M field too.